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ADM 125D Hi Z
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Code: ADM_125D_Hi_Z
Price: $41.95

Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds

ADM125D - Professional Dual-Impedance Cardioid Dynamic Microphone 

The Audio2000'S ADM125D microphone is a professional dual-impedance dynamic microphone with outstanding performances. Incorporated with a light weight diaphragm, the low impedance capsule inheres excellent transient responses and wide frequency range. A special dynamic design enables this microphone to tolerate high sound pressure level. A rugged steel mesh grille and a rugged and durable zinc microphone casing provide extended life and durability. To suit the needs of your application demands, the ADM125D microphone is installed with an internal transformer and a three-position switch to be utilized as a dual-impedance microphone. With the three-position switch set to an appropriate position as indicated thereon, the ADM125D microphone output impedance can be selected to be either 600 Ohms (Low Impedance) or 50,000 Ohms (High Impedance) to meet a variety of application requirements. As a result, the ADM125D microphone is one of the most valuable duel-impedance microphones with exceptional performances at preferred and affordable price. 

PACKAGE:  The standard ADM125D package includes an ADM125D microphone, a microphone holder, and a 20' microphone cable (XLRF-1/4")High Z in a PVC box. 

APPLICATIONS:  Musician; disc jockey (DJ); karaoke jockey (KJ); church; school; conference room; karaoke; home entertainment 


Type Dynamic Polar Pattern Cardioid 

Sensitivity -76 3dB @600 Ohms; -60 3dB @50K Ohms (0dB = 1V/0.1Pa) 

Output Impedance 600 Ohms or 50K Ohms Frequency Response 60 - 15,000 Hz