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AKG C1000S: $189.99
AKG C1000S
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Code: AKGC1000S
List Price: $312.00

On Sale Now!!
Price: $188.99

Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds

Excellent vocal microphone works perfect even from a greater distance,e.g. for picking up choirs and so on.

Outstanding performance when used for instruments. Ideal for home recording applications. A special converter (PPC1000) turns the microphone characteristics from cardioid into hypercardioid, if it is mounted on the mic top.

The new PB 1000 Presence Boost Adapter provides an additional 5-dBhigh-frequency peak in the cardioid mode adding brilliance in the 5 to 9 kHzrange.

This microphone can also be used for a variety of studio applications.